Microsoft CSP

How does having a Microsoft CSP help?

**SMBHD is a CSP Partner with Microsoft Gold Status**

  • We’ll manage your software license, including renewals and software upgrades
  • You pay only for what you need and can increase/decrease your licenses any time
  • All licenses are managed in one predictable billing cycle (no surprises)
  • IT Tech Support for all licenses
  • Cost-effective pricing packages created specifically for your Cloud service needs (we have wiggle room depending on the amount of licensing purchased to offer discounts that you would be unable to get through MPSA)
  • No extra cost to your business

What is a CSP?

A Cloud Solution Provider exists for customers who are fully committed to online services and who are looking to outsource service management. CSP can assist your end-to-end lifecyle management with direct provisioning, billing, and support for online services all just for the price of your existing licenses. Also it is a requirement that the CSP has a higher level of support escalations, so your issues get resolved faster than having the MPSA. With CSP, you use the licenses that you need instead of being tied into a long term agreement.

If you use Microsoft for your business, but do not have a CSP, you use MPSA, which is when you would purchase both software and online services through a single agreement. With MPSA, you are responsible for creating the purchases and managing of your licensing and support through Microsoft. You will not have an EA representative to escalate to if you are not satisfied. This is where Microsoft’s recent changes cause the problem mentioned above. With a CSP, the waiting process and Support escalation would happen much faster, allowing your team to focus on your core competencies.

If you are interested in discussing the CSP model with our Support team, we’ll evaluate your current licenses and offer a competitive price to earn your business.

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