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Telecommunications and Hosted VoIP

Stay connected and empower your mobile workforce for better collaboration

Flexible, scalable telecommunications solutions for growing businesses
Enjoy all the features you would expect from an enterprise-grade phone system, at a fraction of the cost. Hosted VoIP gives you fully customized PBX systems with minimal support costs. Online administrative tools remove the complexity from managing client’s phone systems.
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VoIP Phone Solutions

Our small business VoIP solution lets you decide how your calls are routed and answered. With custom prompts, time-based call routing, find-me/follow-me functions and an auto-attendant you control how your system works.  The system has a wide range of hardware options and provides flexibility for you to choose your preferred device — including: Panasonic, Cisco, Motorola Q and Polycom.
You will have the flexibility to transfer a call, use a 10-person conference bridge, page other team members, record calls, listen in on calls and receive free eFaxes with our phone system. The Hosted VoIP solution has free Wi-Fi calling, multi-site capabilities, voicemail-to-email, 3-way calling and call forwarding
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PBX Implementation

SMBHD leverages the power of the Cloud to deliver a phone system that is feature rich, but scales with your business as you grow. A phone system that is built like an enterprise-level PBX but priced for small businesses. Our team will ensure the proper installation and training for the technology, so that your business can leverage the many capabilities of Hosted VoIP, with the least amount of disruption during the user adoption process.

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