Security Incident and Event Monitoring, or “SIEM” is essential for modern cyber security.

SIEM software monitors traffic from technological devices commonly used in business environments.

Devices such as firewalls, wireless controllers, wireless access points, servers, workstations, cloud services audit Logs, IoT devices, and so on, create log files with usable data. This kind of data provides insight into events, processes, messages, and communication between software and operating systems. So for the purposes of cyber-security, it’s the key to understanding the very nature of a cyber-security breach in your business, and preventing it.

So why consider SIEM for your business?

Without SIEM software, in the event of a breach, your IT team would need to manually search each individual log from each device to identify the threat, with very limited ability to track which data has been compromised, and how that vulnerability was exploited, in a timely manner.

SIEM active log monitoring capabilities provide full visibility of activities and events in real-time and create notifications when suspicious activities occur. It does this by finding correlations in data received from various endpoints that lead to risk of exploitation. Not all technological environments are created equal, so SIEM focuses on events based on security rulesets, and creates custom rulesets that fit your unique technological environment.

Notifications are prioritized by severity of the potential threat. A password incorrectly entered 5 times would be low priority, as opposed to something more alarming, such as various traffic points hitting the firewall at an extensive effort, which would be a high priority alert, typical of a DDoS attack.

Firewall and Endpoint protection, such as your typical anti-virus software, simply doesn’t have these advanced capabilities.

With SMBHD, your organization’s SIEM administration, as well as the reporting and compliance, would be left to security experts. We’re a business-first technology solutions provider.

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