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SIEM as a Service

Enterprise-level security software and management, made accessible to small and mid-sized businesses

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is crucial to a modern-day Security Posture

The absence of SIEM software and management has been a major factor in in the late discovery of breaches (often resulting in major losses). If an organization is not reviewing logs actively for unusual activity, they’re an easy target for advanced cyber criminals. Fortunately, SIEM as a Service is an option that makes SIEM more affordable and leaves the technical know-how to the experts. SIEMaaS provides real-time analysis of security alerts by gathering, analyzing, and presenting information generated by applications, security devices, and network hardware. It incorporates vulnerability management and policy-compliance tools, and reports on external threat data.

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SIEM as a Service with the SMBHD team

SMBHD will be responsible for installation, configuration, tuning, and periodic review of SIEM data as well as updates and performance management. The As-A-Service model sets utility pricing that is more manageable for deployment, compliance requirements, and operational expenditures.

We also provide an Annual Vulnerability Scan to help identify your weaknesses at the end user level, and report on how those issues can be mitigated going forward.

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Vulnerability Scan and Maturity Assessment

Affordable, enterprise-level security.

Truly, we can’t recommend Managed Services enough for small to mid-sized businesses. Any growing organization knows that when resources are taken away to focus on things other than core business, everything suffers – productivity, efficiency, revenue, and even morale. Managed Services takes the technology issues out of the equation for your team and allows our team to do what we do best, and keep your operations running smoothly, securely, and compliant – at a reasonable cost.

Our tiered, customizable Managed Services solutions include Basic, Premium, All-Inclusive, and A La Carte options so we can offer the people, technology, and processes to help your team succeed in staying current and compliant. Managed Services, depending on your unique business needs, incorporates a combination of Network Monitoring, Managed End-point Protection, Network & Server Maintenance, and on and offsite Technology Consulting.

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Security Consulting and Support every step of the way

Our business-first approach means that we work with clients to provide the right service based on their goals. The SMBHD team offers technical support for your team 24/7/365. Whether you choose a Reactive (break/fix or as-needed) approach or you prefer a Proactive, fully Managed Service, we’ve got both and everything in between, with a la carte security add on options so that we can tailor our services to your organization’s specific needs.




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