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Service Cloud Consulting

Exceptional customer service experiences and better client relationships

Happier Customers with Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting
Customer service with cascading emails are a thing of the past. Our consultants can help your team leverage Salesforce Service Cloud in a way that streamlines all communications between you and your clients, in a way that makes the most sense for your business. 
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Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud

Just because you’ve landed a sale, doesn’t mean the process is over. Salesforce Service Cloud is about retention. It’s about maintaining a positive relationship with your client. Our team is skilled in using Service Cloud functionality to access the full spectrum of your ongoing client relationships, streamlining workflows, and automating processes for a better experience for all.  
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Customer service and client satisfaction are a key metric at SMBHD.  We ask every client for feedback after every project.

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Salesforce Integration

Achieve a true view of your customer. Our team can take your legacy systems and integrate them with Salesforce, so your team spends less time switching between platforms, and more time focused on core business. We’ll automate your data transfer using real-time integration or batch integration, making sure every input cell counts.

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Salesforce Support for an optimized user experience

Empower your team to provide the best possible customer service.

You’re licensed, and the software is implemented with the right customizations for your team, but what now? After implementation it’s important to stay motivated so that the positive effects trickle into your client experiences and throughout your organization.

SMBHD offers an hourly-based Support Model to provide ongoing assistance, enhancements, upgrades, training, or whatever else your organization needs to increase user adoption, and enable your team to be successful with Salesforce.


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