Project Description

Kalypso Case Study

Partnering with a Managed Services provider to manage all interactions between technology, employees, and cybersecurity changes.

Kalypso wanted to improve their infrastructure scalability as well as manage more effective collaboration solutions.

As a Business Services Company, they wanted to scale several solutions in Infrastructure without adding additional headcount to their team.

  • Migrated client to SharePoint from 4 different locations
  • Set up Teams to replace 3rd party chatting solution
  • Helped as an Advisory service for Load Balancing Implementation
  • Managed over 350 Users in Office365 CSP Services
  • SMBHD managed 103 tickets for client in 1 year
  • Reduced time their IT team used on handling Tier 1 support

Overall, the organization needed solutions to optimize all the organization’s IT support and policies.

“SMBHD helped us to optimize our solutions.”

JEFFREY DUNN, Manager of Technologies and Operations, Kalypso


By partnering with an experience Managed Services provider, Kalypso can focus on their core aspects of their business.

Download the Kalypso Case Study
kalypso case study



Greak Lakes, Midwestern US

Business Services

Products Used
SMBHD Managed IT Services
Microsoft Office 365