Project Description

CFO Services Group Case Study

Partnering with a Managed Services provider to manage all interactions between technology, employees, and cybersecurity changes.

CFO Services Group wanted to improve their cybersecurity posture while not impacting the overall ability for their clients and employees to complete their work activities. They also wanted better IT support, improved email solutions, and a better VOIP Phone Solution.

Being a financial industry client, CFO Services Group needed a solution that couples optimization of various areas of their business, including:

  • Migration to Office 365 for Email and other Cybersecurity solutions
  • Improve their security posture in Office365
  • Managed over 14 Users in Office365 CSP Services
  • Conducted a Security Audit
  • Implement and manage a Security Education program with Phishing simulation
  • Management of their contractor fleet access to sensitive company data
  • Reduced time their IT team used on handling Tier 1 & Tier 2 support
  • Reduce phone services issues by managing our hosted PBX Solution
  • Implement and configure a centrally managed VPN solution
  • Streamlining device management and procurement
  • Implement technology Policies
  • Reduced virus attacks with a better Anti-Virus Solution and system hardening measures

Overall, the organization needed solutions to optimize all CFO Services Group’s IT support and policies.

“SMBHD helped us streamline our computers. The very first project – purchasing company-owned computers for my team. Before this, everyone was using their own personal computer.”

MANNY COSME, President and CEO, CFO Services Group

By partnering with an experienced Managed Services provider, CFO Services Group is able to focus on the core aspects of their business, while continuing to maintain and improve their Infrastructure. SMBHD has been able to educate CFO employees on basic principles of Cybersecurity awareness while also implementing proactive solutions to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

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cfo services group



Washington, DC

Financial Services

Products Used
SMBHD Managed Services
– VPN Software
Microsoft Office 365
– Data Loss Prevention
– Cloud App Security
– Advanced Threat Protection
– Security Education Program
– Phishing Simulation Tests
– Vulnerability Scans
– IT Healthchecks