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Onsite Consulting

Local, personalized consulting unique to your technological needs

Continuously optimized technology with Onsite Consulting
SMBHD Onsite Consulting services offer trained JR and SR-level Cloud Consultants to help empower your team with the optimized technology you need to maintain operations with minimal disruptions or downtime.
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Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud

With Salesforce Service Cloud you have the ability to optimize and automate your customer service processes, and we have the experience to ensure your Salesforce implementation is successful. We focus heavily on understanding your customer service processes before implementing Salesforce.  With our deep understanding of your processes our team goes to work configuring Salesforce Serivce cloud so your team can experience the power and automation of Salesforce Service Cloud.
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Customer service and client satisfaction are a key metric at SMBHD.  We ask every client for feedback after every project.

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Salesforce Integration SMBHD

Salesforce Integration

Give your customer service team a true view of your customer with integration between Salesforce and other internal systems. Leverage our team of Salesforec Architects to help design and engineer a truly integrated solution that gives every agent the right information on every call.

Integrate Salesforce!

Make your team even more efficient.

Empower your team to provide the best possible customer service.

Need to increase user adoption, optimize your processes and give your team all of the information they need. After Service Cloud is configured and your team is leveraging the system it’s time to expand on the system.

Our team of Salesforce experts can help you with any needs that you may have with Salesforce.




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