IT Support ServicesOffice managers, by necessity, need to be jacks of all trades. Their day-to-day responsibilities cover a wide range of critical tasks: managing personnel, overseeing payroll, and hiring and onboarding new hires, just to name a few. In many instances, these individuals are even required to handle jobs that would traditionally fall under another department’s umbrella. In particular, they may need to step in and take on the role of IT support services, ensuring an office’s underlying technology is properly functioning.

That is not an ideal scenario, to say the least. It’s not unusual for office managers to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of IT-related problems they need to address on a regular basis. Ultimately, they may be spending an undue amount of time putting out IT fires rather than focusing on their core duties. How can they flip the script and spend less time tackling tech problems? IT services can shoulder these tasks, giving office managers one less headache to deal with.

How IT support services address common office problems

Network troubleshooting and optimization

One of the most common employee complaints that an office manager will hear is that there’s a problem with their internet or Wi-Fi connection. In an office setting, network troubleshooting involves a lot more than just power cycling your router. It could take hours to identify and address the problem, assuming the issue can be solved by someone with no official IT training. All the while, your employees are unable to access email or critical business platforms, like your customer relationship management software. Productivity grinds to a halt, and before you know it, half the day is down the tubes.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone you could call to come in and quickly remedy this situation? That’s where IT support services can help. Just pick up the phone and soon enough, you’ll have an experienced IT professional in your building, bringing your network back online.

Locking down your system from cyber threats

Cyber security has become a point of major concern for organizations small and large. Every news cycle seems to bring a fresh data breach, raising alarms and creating panic. The latest in a long line of such incidents is the Equifax breach, which as security expert Brian Krebs noted, may wind up affecting as many as 143 million Americans.

Not all data breaches gain such notoriety, of course. Many fall under the radar, causing problems for a single organization, but fail to have the large-scale impact to warrant headlines. According to the Breach Level Index, 5.2 million records are compromised every single day.

Small and medium-sized businesses may be the most susceptible to such breaches, as their cyber security posture is typically lacking in comparison to enterprises. A malware intrusion doesn’t necessarily need to result in stolen information, either. It may lead to seemingly slow network or computer performance, causing issues for employees and preventing them from working effectively.

Putting out this particular fire can be especially frustrating for office managers, as completely removing a cyber threat may be extremely difficult. Instead of spending a lot of time and energy trying to scrub your system, it makes more sense to reach out to an IT support service provider to take care of the problem for you. You don’t want to leave a single trace of a malware intrusion, and only a cyber security expert can be certain that the job is done correctly.

Regardless what specific IT-related issues give office managers headaches, managed IT services can provide relief. Contact SMBHD today to find a solution to your particular problems, and stop spending your day putting out IT fires.