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As a quickly growing technology marketplace, Austin, Texas is ideal not only for SMB startups and established organizations to make their mark, but also to secure the forward-thinking IT services and support they need to grow their brand while staying focused on key business objectives. At SMBHD, we’ve got you covered — our Milwaukee IT consulting services are second to none.



Salesforce CRM deployments are critical to keep both the C-suite and consumers happy — but can be time-consuming for SMB IT teams to implement and integrate. We offer end-to-end Salesforce consulting and assistance — from initial rollout to app development and ongoing support — to ensure your CRM investment pays off.  Learn More »


Looking to improve productivity? Then you’re probably looking at Microsoft Office 365; this cloud-based solution offers everything you need to improve project collaboration and enhance document sharing. Let The SMBHD assist you in choosing the right licenses for your company and managing your deployment to increase total efficiency.  Learn More »


Azure’s robust cloud platform and services offer a way to streamline IT without breaking your budget. Choosing the right combination of software and solutions, however, can be a daunting task for companies making their first foray into the cloud. Tap our experts for help crafting the ideal Azure deployment.  Learn More »


Why outsource your IT services? Because you’ve got better things to do than fight fires. Our managed IT support for Milwaukee businesses is best in class, letting you lean on highly trained IT personnel to handle day-to-day issues while you focus on overall business strategy.  Learn More »


B2B marketing is the lifeblood of many Milwaukee SMBs; Pardot automation can streamline the path from initial sales calls to large-volume purchasing, but there’s no need for your IT team to do all the heavy lifting. We’re proud to offer straightforward, effective Pardot IT consulting for Milwaukee SMBs — let us handle everything from lead nurturing to marketing automation to form creation. Learn More »


What happens if your IT infrastructure fails? For most SMBs, the answer isn’t something they like to consider — at SMBHD, our as-needed IT support, data security and backup services can help ensure your business is always protected. Find more information on our infrastructure solutions and if it’s the right fit for your business needs. Learn More »

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