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It’s time to take a realistic look at how the Internet of Things has and will impact the manufacturing business. As the competition continues to innovate with IoT, it’s important to stay on top the many ways that this kind of technology can improve your business from your manufacturing facilities, to customer sites, how it impacts your third party logistics, and beyond.

The information outlined in this eBook lays a foundation for manufacturers looking to innovate and improve upon their current processes regarding the use of Big Data and how that translates into better ROI through IoT by improving efficiency, communication, and the manufacturing process itself.

IoT in Manufacturing
What we’ll uncover…

What is IoT and why is it relevant in a business context?

Why is IoT relevant in the Manufacturing vertical?

What are some specific use cases for IoT throughout business operations?

How can different types of IoT data be categorized?

What are the main attributes of IoT Things?

Important characteristics of IoT Data

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