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Running a successful business requires a lot of moving parts working in sync. For many small to medium sized business owners, their IT infrastructure sometimes falls by the wayside. How does your IT infrastructure compare with these key components? If something is lacking, consider utilizing a third party IT expert to audit and manage your IT network.


Is your office technology up-to-date?
Technology is rapidly changed, and this includes everything on your IT infrastructure. Keeping everything from office PCs to network hardware current is no easy task and requires dedicated resources. Many third party IT providers live and breathe these tech trends. If internal resources are stretched thin, and you want your office to stay on top of it’s technological game, utilizing a third party provider is a good alternative.

Is your office network properly setup?
Being confident that your inter-office network is properly setup and configured not only provides peace of mind, but helps to ensure interactions are quick and seamless across your business. Having a dedicated internal source to set this network up, or using a third party, helps to ensure proper configuration and removes productivity bottlenecks.

What’s your break/fix response time?
As with most things, technology is bound to fail at one point or another. Whether it’s a single PC that fails or the office network, having a plan in place to get your business back to 100% is key. Having an internal source for immediate response in case of a failure can get you running again in no time. As an alternative, many third party IT providers also offer round the clock support.


Is your data secure?
Like your IT network, having a complete and well structured data security system is paramount for business. Making sure this system is secure and a process for data handling is implemented across the business should be the first step for any data management implementation. If you’re unsure about how secure your data handling procedure is, reaching out to a third party for an audit will help find any shortcomings.

Is your data backed up?
Create a process and schedule for backing up all your critical data. A few things to consider are how frequently data is backed up, where it is backed up, and how many version you’ll keep. When considering all of these, keep in mind that having multiple data backup plans can be extremely helpful if something needs to be restored.

What’s your data recovery plan?
Similar to having a hardware backup plan, having a backup plan to recover data quickly and efficiently can save a lot of headache in an already stressful time. In a perfect world, data loss or theft wouldn’t be an issue. However, it’s always a smart idea to create a plan if the unthinkable happens. If in doubt, many third party IT solution providers are experts in creating a successful recovery plan.


Is your phone system hosted over the internet?
If it’s not already, consider hosting your phone system using Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. Older telecommunication systems that use switchboards and multiple lines require higher upfront costs and resources to install and maintain. By using VoIP, you can host your telecommunication system using only a stable internet connection.

Is your telecom solution efficient?
Old telecommunication systems rely on switchboards and multiple lines to function. By utilizing VoIP, you can streamline the telecommunication process from a switchboard with multiple lines t a single line using the internet. If your current phone system still relies on switchboards, consider upgrading to a system hosted over the internet.

This list does not cover all aspects of a complete IT Infrastructure, but should give you some good places to start when evaluating your own and where you can optimize. If in doubt, we at The SMB Help Desk are experts and both implementation and maintenance and happy to help. Whether it’s a simple audit of your current system or a full blown overhaul, we can help find the perfect service combination that fits your business and your budget. Contact us today for a free assessment.