microsoft azureTechnology has long been important to the success of every organization. Cloud technology in particular, has increased in demand due to the many benefits ranging from cost to infrastructure uptime. Microsoft Azure, which is Microsoft’s version of Cloud, has increased in revenue by 93 percent, according to Microsoft’s Q3 2017 reporting. That growth, according to many analysts, is more than doubling it’s 2015 figures, and displays the strong execution and demand for Microsoft’s ever-growing and popular Cloud platform offering. The quantity of services Azure provides, such as analytics, computing, databases, mobile apps, networking, storage, and websites, puts it in a class by itself when it comes to the best business and technology option for your company. As your company grows, your Azure platform will grow with you. Azure storage and application scalability features offer you numerous ways to expand as storage demands increase, or when you need to scale your app for performance; all in a seamless, manageable way.

What makes Microsoft Azure the Cloud platform of choice?


Azure provides functionality that on-premise, or other Cloud providers, simply cannot match. Speed is critical, and Azure visibly displays speed of deployment, operation, and scalability. Think about having an application that is used on a large scale and is exponentially growing in popularity. Azure will provide the resources and deployment methods needed to load balance the usage, and keep that peak performance.  It’s amazing knowing your platform will scale right alongside with you.

Application Development

Azure is an app developer’s dream. As a developer, you can develop, test, rollback, and retry when developing your apps! This empowers developers to try new technologies, and imagine new approaches. No need to outline a complex structure. Azure provides you with a staging and production platform that will help you innovate.

Global Reach

Microsoft has datacenters around the world. This will help with the global foundation for your company. There is no change in performance based on location, and your employees will use the closest datacenter or “region,” based off their geographical location.

Disaster Recovery

Anything at anytime can happen to your infrastructure. It’s important to have a disaster recovery plan in place, in case of such a situation. Azure provides regional and global fail over options. There are live or standby models, as well as a staged restart feature that is built in and out the box, for incremental updates and changes within a multiple server environment. While this may not be a daily issue to the business, it’s an essential tool for disaster recovery.


Azure provides a seamless login experience for their users, either for business to business, or for individuals. Azure provides third party accounts such as Facebook or Linkedin to login to applications and services. Implementing Azure Single Sign On will reduce the need for storing multiple credentials, which will then reduce the risk of getting hacked, as well as eliminate the problems associated with users that have multiple passwords, with high data privileges.

These features and benefits are just a glimpse into the great features Azure provides. We will be more than happy to provide you with more in depth information on the rich features and functionalities of Microsoft Azure. Please reach out to SMBHD if you’re interested in learning more!