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Compliance Consulting Services

Data security guidance, assessments, and planning for peace of mind

Safeguard your business data with Compliance Consulting Services

As your technology partner, we’re committed to constantly improving the health of your security posture. We also provide the kind of business-first security consulting that any services organization needs to keep operations flowing seamlessly, without disruption.

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vCISO Services

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Services exist to help organizations who do not have the resources to afford a CISO on staff (a $250,000+ salary). Instead, you’ll receive the consulting services of our team of diverse experts who will focus on the vision of your business and implement a risk management plan that ensures you’re receiving enterprise-level security, as well as the guidance and Support your team needs to stay compliant, secure, and successful.
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Governance Planning

Keeping up with the legal requirements of data security, the liability of ownership of sensitive information, and the proper processes for sharing that information, is nearly impossible without a dedicated resource. Not to mention the subsequent training required to get end users on board with proper processes that go with the systems and software put in place. SMBHD will worry about PCI, HIPPAA, SOX, GDPR, and all the other intimidating acronyms that essentially can cost you money. You can just focus on business.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Specialized insurance policies exist to aid in the event of an online security breach. Our security experts will guide you through the process of crafting, preparing for (complying with best practices for coverage to be considered), and obtaining the right coverage, based on your organizations security posture. With the right policy, you can: Mitigate potential financial loss, Improve your security posture and Improve Rick Management.

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