Benefits of a Cloud Solution Provider

Improve efficiency with Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and IT Services and Support coordinated from a single provider who understands your business needs.

Why you need a Cloud Solution Provider for your business
  • Reduce expenses and eliminate overlapping services by architecting a Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud Solution including Services and Support, coordinated by a single provider (SMBHD Team) with a direct connection to faster Support.
  • Everything is on a single invoice, making it easier to budget
  • Increase productivity with solutions customized to your requirements and the rapid deployment and reduced learning curve that comes with Microsoft Azure and O365 products
  • Allows you to retain control of what you want to control, and hand off administration aspects that are out of your scope, or that your team doesn’t have time to  manage
  • 24/7/365 Support with proactive management and monitoring to minimize downtime and delays
  • Options for your end users to directly contact support for help vs. routing through your IT team and Microsoft phone tree
  • **All for the same costs of your current O365 licensing**
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Microsoft Office 365

SMBHD specializes in providing full Office 365 licensing, implementation, and Support for your business. Used to its fullest potential, Office 365 will increase productivity within your organization by cutting out extraneous and ineffective tools and bringing everything you need to collaborate efficiently with your team (onsite and remote), into one single space in the Cloud.
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SharePoint Consulting

There is a certain point in every small to medium-sized business journey, where existing company content needs to come together in a single place that is easy to access, manage, edit, and share. SMBHD has a Microsoft certified team that understands SharePoint best practices and how to implement the solution in a way that works best for your organization.

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Azure Solutions

Azure functions as both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and a Platform as a Service (PaaS). It’s a Cloud-based collection of integrated services that function together in harmony for computing, storage, networking, and endless applications.
Microsoft Azure is also open and flexible. It supports any operating system (OS), language, tool, and framework, which facilitates our ability as developers, to work with any device, whether that be Windows, Apple, Linux, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, C#, Java, etc.

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Power BI

Big data unorganized is just data, but organized big data is powerful! Work with IT experts who can transform your raw data into impressive charts and visual representations of what’s happening in your business. No input cell will be left behind.

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