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Business Solutions

Practical business solutions and support for operational efficiency, compliance, and continuity 

Business Continuity SMBHD

Business Continuity Planning

Create a strategy to address potential threats and risks to your organization’s assets,  ensuring that they are protected and able to function in the event of a disaster.

Compliance Consulting SMBHD

Compliance Consulting

Constantly working towards improving the health of your security posture should always be the end-game for choosing a good technology partner.

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SMBHD is not just IT guys trying to run a business but business people running an IT company.

Tom Finnegan

Vice President

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Explore how we’ve helped our clients have a serious impact on their business.


Benefits of Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Community Cloud Salesforce Community Cloud is a framework for organizations to build branded custom digital services communities and collaboration environments. Important insight and company data from the CRM database can be made available to any internal or external user. This creates a work environment where everyone has access to the same source of information. Employee Communities help businesses provide better ways for employees [...]


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Time to Leverage a Microsoft CSP

How does having a Microsoft CSP help? **SMBHD is a CSP Partner with Microsoft Gold Status** We'll manage your software license, including renewals and software upgrades You pay only for what you need and can increase/decrease your licenses any time All licenses are managed [...]


SMBHD Receives First Review on Clutch!

SMBHD Receives First Review on Clutch! Here at SMBHD, we provide business-first technology solutions. Because of this, our diverse team of engineers strives to solve challenges and enhance our client’s environments with strategic solutions. Since 2010, our team has focused [...]


Ransomware in Healthcare during Covid-19 crisis

Ransomware in Healthcare 2020 Certain ransomware gangs made promises to not attack the healthcare industry in the mist of the COVID-19 pandemic. So far that promise has not been upheld and hospitals have been a primary source of attack. The only difference from typical rans [...]

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