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Business Continuity Planning

Plan better to avoid disruptions in regular operations due to unnecessary risks

Business Continuity Planning for smoother operations and peace of mind
Systems of prevention and recovery are essential to every business.  As cyber crime becomes increasingly sophisticated, business continuity planning is becoming compulsory, not only for the protection of your important company data, but also your clients’ private and sensitive information. Simply put, it’s best to do whatever is in your power to prevent disruptions, and always have a backup plan. We can help!
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Preventing disruptions begins with a Risk Assessment

EVERY organization has weaknesses. Whether that’s an end user with a weak password, inefficient processes that cause unorganized data, improper file sharing, or an overall security posture that is lacking in maturity, it’s always best to know where your organization stands, and how to mitigate those risks going forward. The SMBHD team of certified consultants will fully assess your systems and your vendors for exploitable vulnerabilities, report on those issues, and provide a step by step plan to mitigate those issues going forward.

SMBHD Risk Assessment includes our Vulnerability Scan and our Annual Health Check

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Business Recovery Planning so your business can  keep it moving

Stuff happens. When a security event occurs, having the right technology partner there to establish a plan and recommend the correct services needed to move forward, is wise. Not only can our team help your organization build a plan to mitigate issues, recover from losses, and get back up and running with minimal disruptions to regular operations, but we’ll ensure that going forward, the technology and the Support is in place to keep it from happening again.

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Minimize disruptions in operations with Backup and Disaster Recovery

Stuff happens. But regular, monitored backups and plan for recovery in case you experience a data loss is crucial. We’ll manage your data in the way that makes the most sense. Whether you have invested in your own servers and are looking for a hybrid solution, or you’re interested in committing fully to the Cloud, we have a variety of options that can be tailored to your business and your data.

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