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Break Fix IT Support

Certified, experienced technology consultants who support your team

Ad-Hoc, Break Fix IT Support and Consulting to solve business challenges
SMBHD offers an array of proactive solutions, but sometimes a business needs the right resources to provide Support for an immediate issue when it occurs. We’re happy to work as an extension of your current IT team, by offering both remote and onsite support options and local resources.
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Technology Repairs

Break/Fit IT repairs work exactly how it sounds: When something breaks, you contact Support to help resolve the issue. With Break/Fix As-Needed IT Support Services, you do not need a pre-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). Response times and fees depend on the severity of the issue and can vary. 
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Software Upgrades

As with any technology, upgrading your network and systems within your organization should be done in a way that causes minimal disruption to the flow of operations. At SMBHD, we’ll assess your environment, your technology, and help your team develop the right plan to upgrade your software in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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Technology Installation

Simply purchasing the software and installing it, doesn’t mean your team is getting the most out of your investment in new technology. The SMBHD team will find out your goals,  properly install your technology for maximum performance, and configure and tailor your settings appropriately to accomplish your goals.


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